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4.g Confirmation of Assessment



October 10, 2012


Dr. *

Dear Doctor *:

RE: Practice Enhancement Program – Arrangement for Assessment

This letter is to arrange the visit to your practice by the Practice Enhancement

Program assessor, Dr. *. If there is any reason that you feel you should have a

different assessor, please notify the PEP office as soon as possible.

Dr. * will contact you sometime in the near future to arrange the date of the visit,

unless we hear from you otherwise.

The assessor acts as an observer and collector of information using the structured,

objective evaluation instruments developed by the Practice Enhancement Program

committee. The assessor submits a summary report for review by the committee

and the committee forwards the final report to you when complete.

The assessment will take about three hours of time including up to one hour of

discussion with you. You are invited to be present for any part of the assessment

but you are only required for the last hour. Please have a staff member present

during the assessment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the PEP office.


Joanne Peat, Coordinator

Cc Dr. *