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4.h Final Reporting Letter - Category 1



October 10, 2012

Dr. *

Dear Doctor *

RE: Practice Enhancement Program – Assessment Final Report

The Practice Enhancement Program Committee has completed the assessment

of your practice by carefully reviewing the returned Patient Questionnaires, your

Physician Pre-Visit Questionnaire, and a summary report from the Medical Office

Assessment Form, which was prepared by the Assessor who visited your office. The

Final Report accompanies this letter.

You have been given a Category 1 rating as a result of your practice assessment.

As you may be aware, Category 1 means consistent good care was found with no

significant concerns re; patient care or records.

The recommendations in the final report are intended as suggestions to help

improve your practice. Suggestions like these have improved efficiency, safety,

or patient care in other physicians’ practices. The list of recommendations is not

intended to be critical, but rather, helpful. You may adopt them as you see fit,

according to the needs of your practice. Occasionally the Final Report contains

recommendations that we feel are essential to safe and effective medical practice.

If so, these essential recommendations are identified below and we will arrange

follow-up with you to monitor their implementation.

• List Recommendations here

A Resource List is enclosed which outlines a variety of practice enhancement

information available through the PEP office. Please visit our website or contact the

PEP office if you wish copies of, or access to, any of the resource materials.

For your convenience, space has been provided in the Final Report (Action Taken

by Physician Assessed) to enter the actions taken by yourself to address the

suggestions made by the Practice Enhancement Program Committee. If you wish to

discuss the assessment we would be pleased to meet with you.