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4.i Final Reporting Letter - Category 2



October 10, 2012

Dr. *

Dear Doctor *:

RE: Practice Enhancement Program – Assessment Final Report

The Practice Enhancement Program Committee has completed the assessment

of your practice by carefully reviewing the returned Patient Questionnaires, your

Physician Pre-Visit Questionnaire, the Physical Facilities & Practice Organization

Questionnaire (Q4) and a summary report from the Medical Office Assessment

Form, which was prepared by the Assessor who visited your office. The Final Report

from the PEP Committee and a copy of the Facilities Report accompany this letter.

You have been given a Category 2 rating as a result of your practice assessment.

As you may be aware, Category 2 means that some deficiencies have been noted in

your practice and that a follow up visit is required.

The Final Report contains requirements that we feel are essential to safe and

effective medical practice. These essential recommendations are identified below

and we will arrange a follow-up visit with you after six month’s time to monitor their

implementation. Recommendations like these have improved efficiency, safety,

or patient care in other physicians’ practices. The list of recommendations is not

intended to be critical, but rather, helpful.

• List Recommendations here

A Resource List is enclosed which outlines a variety of practice enhancement

information available through the PEP office. Please contact us if you wish copies of

the resource materials or visit our website to access the information. We have also

enclosed some specific resource examples which may be of interest to you.

If we can be of assistance to you in trying to correct deficiencies and achieve

improvement in the quality of your practice then we would, of course, be more than

willing to do so. Although the results of this assessment of your practice will no

doubt be disappointing to you, the Practice Enhancement Program Committee does

hope that on reflection, you will find the identification of problems and suggestions

for improvement to be of value. It is one of the principles of the Practice

Enhancement Program that virtually all physicians really want to do a good job and

that all of us can improve our practices.