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1.b Terms of Reference


The Committee of the Practice Enhancement Program, a standing committee of the

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, functions independently to

“establish, develop and administer an ongoing program of peer assessment of the

office practice of members of the College in the member’s chosen field to the end

that the public may be served by helping members of the College to maintain proper

standards of practice in the care of patients and the keeping of records

” (Bylaw).

Tasks include:

• the review of Final Reports of assessments carried out by the physician

assessors to determine the quality of a physician’s practice in the effort to

ensure competent physicians providing correct medical service

• the training of physician assessors

• the fine-tuning of assessment instruments

• enabling appropriate remediation and enhancement for physicians

• the design of appropriate instruments for assessments of specialty groups


Program activities will be reported to the three supporting organizations, College of

Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Medical Association and

the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health as follows:

• minutes of committee business meetings

• annual statistics of program activity

• semi-annual and year end fiscal reporting


• The Practice Enhancement Program committee, as a standing committee

of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, will have a

membership composed of six persons appointed by the Council, three of

whom shall be nominated by the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

• honoraria and travel expenses will be paid as per the guidelines of PEP’s

three funding bodies