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MSB Numeric Explanation

MCIB Profile 98.6.17


Identification Data

Dr #**** Group (e.g. rural/urban solo/group) **

Grad Place**

Grad year**

Birth year**

Number in group 118

Family Physician Groups are; B1... FP’s in Metro Association practice (Regina

and Saskatoon)

B2... FP’s in Urban Association practice

B3... FP’s in Metro Solo practice

B4... FP’s in Urban Solo practice

B5... FP’s in Rural Association practice

B6... FP’s in Rural Solo practice

B7... FP’s who are paid on a Global or Alternate

payment system basis


Discrete patients seen in

a. Current Year OWN RANK (in same group e.g urban/solo) MEAN (of

same group)

b. Current and previous year

3. Discrete Patients seen in

Own Rank Mean

a) Current year only

1342 56


b) each of current and previous year1274 46


Total Discrete Patents

2616 53


i.e. This physician came 56th in his peer group of 118 physicians in

patients seen in current year, 46th in patients seen in this year


previous year, and 53rd overall. He is roughly in the centre of the group.

The higher the rank the more patients seen. These figures give an idea of

whether the patient load is increasing or decreasing, in this case rising a


4. Total services provided by doctor

- all office visits, house calls, Pap smears, deliveries etc.

5. Total Services provided by Dr.


43 10550

6. Services per discrete patient

a) provided by Dr.


33 3.99


a) Total Patient Contacts


51 6672

i.e. This physician came 43rd out of his peer group of 118 in total services

provided, with each individual patient seen receiving 4.48 services (average

per member of his group 3.99, so above average) in

8,781 patient contacts.