The Next Student Iron Chef

When:    March 21st, 2018
                Lunch (12:00pm - 1:pm)
Where:   Marquis Culinary Centre
Price:     $12.95/person

Staff, Faculty, and all Members of Public welcome.

Next Student Iron Chef - Meet the Top 4 Teams

Cereal Killers

Team members:

Yjy (Arts & Sciences)
Lindee (Arts & Sciences)

Cumin Get It

Team members: 

Rose (Arts & Sciences)
Mackenzie (Arts & Sciences) (the floating head)
Shiney (Arts & Sciences)
Benjamin (Arts & Sciences)


Team members: 

Jared (Arts & Sciences) 
Reid (Arts & Sciences)

What's Our Name?

Team members:

Raina (Arts & Sciences) 
Dylan (Arts & Sciences)
Angele (Agriculture) 
Mark (Arts & Sciences)  


Episode One - Signature Dish

Watch the four top teams create their signature dish for the judges. They are given only one hour to complete and plate their dish. The final two teams will be chosen based on a points system and the 3rd team will be chosen based on points through the competition and the points they receive from voters. This competition decides the majority of their points. Want to make sure your voting for your favourite team to go through to the finale? Vote here:

Who will come out on top? Watch episode 1 right now! 

Episode Two - First Quick Fire

Watch Team Nachos and Team What's Our Name go head to head to gain more points in order to make it to the finale! They compete in two Quick Fire challenges that include decorating a cake in 15 min and making a pizza in 12 minutes. Who will be able to stand the heat of these challenges?

Episode Three - Second Quick Fire

Watch Team Cereal Killers and Team Cumin Get It go head to head to gain more points in order to make it to the finale! They compete in two Quick Fire challenges that include chopping onions and whipping a perfect meringue! Who is going to come out on top and earn more points for the finale this time?


It has been a hard-fought battle between the four teams and as you saw (if you watched the episodes which you should if you have not), everyone made some extremely impressive dishes and gave it their all in the Quick-Fire Challenges! The vast majority of the points were accumulated with the teams Signature Dish (Competition Number One/Episode One). Then each team went head to head with an opponent to do their Quick-Fire Challenges to add more points. Based on these challenges - the top 2 teams were....

Team Nachos & Team What's Our Name!

Now the voters can help pick their favourite they would like to see in the finale and add points to each team by voting for them! The team that has the most points (both from the competition and through the voters) by 12:00 Noon on Friday. March 16th will be the 3rd team in the Finale! 

Teams heading into the Finale...

The votes are in - unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to the dynamic duo of Yjy and Lindee from Team Cereal Killers as Team Cumin Get It was able to inch a tiny bit ahead of them for the total points. Both teams did exceptionally well and we applaud Team Cereal Killers in their victory of the two Quick Fire Challenges - I wouldn't want to mess with those girls after watching them whip up a perfect meringue in no time and not even break a sweat!

The Top Three teams going to the finale are Team Cumin Get It, Team Nachos, and Team What's Our Name.

Team Cumin Get It started the competition off strong with an amazing take on a Beetroot Thoran Galette (with some modifications due to time). The strong team of four showed great team-work throughout the competition and clinched that third and final spot by a hair from Cereal Killers. 

Team Nachos are na-cho average team. These gentlemen are a duo that does the work of an entire team and has quite the colourful language coming out of their kitchen. They wow'ed the judges with their signature dish of fresh pasta and it smelled divine!

Team What's Our Name having to work through a couple curve balls thrown at them in the signature dish challenge they battled back to make the most aesthetic freaking pizza you have ever seen! This team of four are quieter in the kitchen but don't let that fool you - they are a culinary force to be reckoned with.

Make sure you come and watch these teams on Wednesday, March 21 at Noon and see who comes out on top and is titled the Next Student Iron Chef!


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