The pre-paid meal plan allows you to choose from all-you-care-to-dine at Marquis Culinary Centre or grab and go options, while the weekly dining plan is designed for people who eat at the Marquis Culinary Centre on a daily basis.

If you are buying a meal plan for a student, please fill out the Meal Plan form, and return it to Culinary Services at 224 Marquis Hall, 97 Campus Drive.

From September to April, meal plans are available for buffet meals in Marquis Culinary from Monday at breakfast to Sunday at dinner.

Marquis Dining Hall Meal Plans – 2017/18 Rates
Days per week Meals per week Term 1 Rate Term 2 Rate Avg % of Savings
7 15 $2,381.28 $2,329.06 18%
7 10 $1,678.23 $1,737.12 16%
7 7 $1,206.51 + TAXES $1,248.85 + TAXES 12%
7 5 $884.47 + TAXES $915.51 + TAXES 10%

*Meal plans that include 10 or more meals per week are not subject to taxes.

Want the same great value as the Weekly Meal Plan, but unsure if you can make the commitment to weekly dining? The Non-Weekly Plan is a great flexible option that allows you to use your prepaid plan for meals anytime throughout the academic year. Choose from two options:

Meals Rate Avg % of Savings
75 Meals     $831.63 + TAXES     8%
50 Meals $570.95 + TAXES 5%
25 Meals $291.05 + TAXES 3%

If you want even more choice and flexibility, the Combination Plan includes both pre-paid meals at Marquis Culinary Centre and a cash card for use at all Culinary Services food locations. Choose from three levels of this plan based on the number of meals and the value of the cash card:

Combination Plans
Membership Number of Meals CC Dollars Rate
Platinum 75 $175.00 $772.87 + TAXES + CC $*
Gold 50 $150.00 $529.17 + TAXES + CC $*
Silver 25 $125.00 $271.55 + TAXES + CC $*

*Taxes will be added at point of purchase on Cash Card Dollars

Cash Cards (CC) are available in $50 denominations 

Buy $500.00 - Receive $535.00 value on your card (7% bonus)

Buy $300 – Receive $315.00 value on your card (5% bonus) 

*Taxes added at point of purchase