To-night, Thursday,

April 25th, 1957

In Massey Hall, Toronto,

John Diefenbaker, Q.C. opens his national campaign for the election on June 10th of a Progressive Conservative Government.

Photograph caption: Leslie Frost, Prime Minister of Ontario, and John Diefenbaker, Q.C.



Speech by John Diefenbaker at an election rally in Winnipeg during the 1957 election campaign

Part of a speech by John George Diefenbaker at Dauphin Armouries during 1958 election

Speech by John Diefenbaker to open 1957 federal election campaign at Massey Hall, Toronto


"12 Good Reasons to Vote Conservative"

Major Campaign Speech

Opening Campaign Speech

“A Date with Diefenbaker”

“A New National Policy”

"The Great Canadian"

"Talking Points for Progressive Conservative Speakers and Workers"

“It’s Time for a Diefenbaker Government”

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