12 Good Reasons for Voting Conservative

  1. The CONSERVATIVE Party, led by John Diefenbaker, the first veteran to become Prime Minister of Canada, wants your vote to give it a majority of the Service as well as the Civilian Votes. Its appeal in this election is for a United Canada in which there will be equality of opportunity, and fair treatment of all Canadians.
  2. JOHN DIEFENBAKER has carried out his election pledges to a degree unmatched in Canadian history. He deserves a chance to carry on and complete his program.
  3. JOHN DIEFENBAKER has made an impressive start on a long-term policy of National Development to increase the prosperity and welfare of all Canadians. He needs your mandate to finish the job.
  4. JOHN DIEFENBAKER needs a working majority in Parliament to give Canada stable and effective administration of the nation's business.
  5. JOHN DIEFENBAKER believes that our national security requirements and obligations to NATO and the United Nations demand the maintenance of strong and well-equipped armed forces. Canada's forces to-day are stronger than ever before in peace-time.

    Dec. 1956   Dec. 1957
    Navy ..... 19,005 19,805
    Army ........ 47,632 47,938
    Air Force . 50,540 51,661
  6. JOHN DIEFENBAKER is interested in the individual welfare of servicemen, veterans, and their families. His government moved swiftly to increase the pay of all ranks and also to increase and extend War Veterans Allowance Benefits and Disability Pension Benefits. Reductions in Income Tax Rates and Increased Tax Exemptions for Children will also benefit all servicemen and veterans directly, particularly those with young families and in the lower pay groups.
  7. The CONSERVATIVE Party is the "One Canada" Party. It has attracted the support of men and women of all walks of life, all ages, and all racial and religious backgrounds.
  8. The CONSERVATIVE Party is the "All Canada" Party. It is the only Party with Members elected from every Province. It is the only Party with support from every part of Canada:

    Western Provinces 22  9
    Ontario 61 21
    Quebec 9 64
    Atlantic Provinces 21 12
  9. The CONSERVATIVE Party is the Party of Youth. More than a third of its M.P.'s are under 40 including several Cabinet Ministers. Young men and women are in prominent positions throughout the Party organization.
  10. The CONSERVATIVE Party is the Party of Veterans. 14 of 22 Cabinet Ministers, and 67 of 113 M.P.'s have served in Canada's Armed Forces during one or both World Wars. Hon. George Pearkes, VC, Minister of National Defence is an internationally respected soldier and statesman. His Parliamentary Assistant, Marcel Lambert fought at Dieppe. Mon. Alfred Brooks, Minister of Veterans Affairs is a veteran of both wars. His Parliamentary Assistant is Walter Dinsdale, DFC.
  11. JOHN DIEFENBAKER'S dynamic policies and leadership have the overwhelming support of the average man and woman in Canada. Recent Gallup Poll figures show the extent to which his leadership in national affairs is approved in every port of Canada:

    Western Provinces 68 7
    Ontario 66 9
    Quebec 44 15
    Atlantic Provinces 61 13
    ALL CANADA 60 10
    * Others have "No Opinion"
  12. YOUR PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE is the personal representative of JOHN DIEFENBAKER and the CONSERVATIVE PARTY in this election. He seeks and needs your support in this election. A vote for him is a vote for stable government with positive policies to meet the exciting challenge of Canada's future development.

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