Talking Points for PC Speakers & Workers 
General Election 1958

Section 2 National Development

Roads to Resources

The program provides for:
Roads in Provinces

A Major Five Year Plan of Assistance to the Provinces for the construction of Roads necessary for the Development of Resources in the Northern Areas of the Provinces. Under this Program the Federal Government will share with the Provinces 50% of the Cost of Constructing any roads that would open new areas in which there is substantial promise of Resource Development. On the basis of indicated plans from a number of the Provinces the Program will result in a firm expenditure on Resource Roads of $75,000,000 and the final total will likely be over $100, 000,000. Beginning April 1, 1958, $1 ½ MILLIONS in Federal Funds will be available to each of the ten Provinces during each of the following five years. The maximum annual federal expenditure will be $15 millions and the maximum amount available to each province over the five-year period will be $7 ½ MILLIONS.

Roads in Territories

The Government has significantly increased the pace of Road Building activity throughout the two Northern Territories. It has announced a programme in the Yukon to construct Bridges on the main Highway system to eliminate the need for Ferries; to build an Access Road to the Eagle Plain and Peel Plateau areas with ultimate access to the Mackenzie river; and to speed up improvement of the Canol Road. In the N.W.T. it is accelerating the construction of a Road Connection to Fort Smith and also to Yellowknife.

Railroad to Great Slave Lake

In its First Eight Months the New Conservative Government has extended the very fullest cooperation to the C.P.R. and the C.N.R. in the studies now under way in connection with the proposed Railway to Great Slave Lake. The Railways are making a Location Survey in an effort to find the most satisfactory route, as well as an Economic Study of potential revenue which might result from the completion of such a Railway.


The Government has put into effect a policy of helping in the Construction of Airstrips to aid in the Opening of Mines in areas where there are no Roads.

Amendments to Northwest Territories Act

The Northwest Territories Act was amended to give the Commissioner of the Territories the power to borrow money from the Federal Government and to lend money to Municipal and School Associations. This amendment places the Northwest Territories on the same footing as the Yukon in this regard, and is part of the program of the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources to move the status of the Government of the Territories towards Self Government. (There was also another amendment dealing with the appointment of Police Magistrates).

Low Rental Housing Project Proposals

Subject to the approval of the Council of the Yukon Territory, which will meet in the latter part of March, Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation will commence construction this Spring of a three-bedroom row

Housing Project at Whitehorse, Y.T.

The project is expected to contain some 30 Units and in order to bring Rents within the means of the tenants in this relatively High-Cost Area, the Federal Government will be prepared to provide 75 per cent of the cost of a monthly subsidy which will reduce the rent per unit by $35 a month.

Power Project at Frobisher Bay

Announcement has been made that a Power Development is to be started at Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island which will provide badly needed service as well as jobs.

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