Diefenbaker Youth History and Governance Camps

We have two great summer camps coming up for the Summer of 2018 revolving around Prime Minister Diefenbaker!

Week 1: July 23 - 27, 2018 - Decisions that Count

Week 2: August 13 - 17, 2018 - A Century of Conflict

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre invites grade 5-9 students to join us to explore the links between democracy, Canada's history, and current events. These week-long programs will provide future parliamentarians with a strong understanding of the inner workings of the Canadian government.

Program objectives include:

  • simulations such as debates, caucus meetings, and creating legislation
  • sessions that foster an understanding and appreciation of Canada's governing institutions
  • discussionson relevant issues, and their effect on Canada and around the world
  • interactions with local experts
  • and much more! 

With each week featuring a distinct theme, there is sure to be stimulating debate and discussion this summer for camp participants.

Past Camps

2017 - Shaping a Nation: The Road to Canada at 150 and Indigenous History: Campers examined the influence and power of diverse groups and explored significant historical events that have impacted Canadian identity and the path to reconciliation. Highlights included a visit from Larry Chartrand, the director of the Native Law Centre at the U of S, who spoke about Metis history and culture.

2017 - Canada on the Battlefield: Patriotism, Sacrifice, and the Commemoration of the Great War: Investigated key events and the lasting impact of the Great War, including significant battles, life on the home front, recruitment efforts, and monuments. Campers enjoyed getting a sneak peek at exclusive Diefenbaker artifacts with Curator Teresa Carlson and forming their own political parties for debate.

2016 - Demonstrating Discountent: Protest and Social Movements in Canada: Focusing on individual and collective powers that influence change. The camp covered key social movements in Canadian history, such as the War Measures Act, October Crisis, and Idle No More.

2016 - Media and the Message: Communications in Canadian History: Throughout the week the campers discussed various types of media and communication styles. Each day focused on a branch of media, historical events, and the related implications.

2015 - Creating Canada: Confederation to the First World War: This camp explored events and issues that shaped our nation such as the creation of the Trans-Canada railway, western immigration and women's suffrage.

"As long as there is a drop of blood in my body they won't stop me from talking about freedom."

- Diefenbaker (Sudbury, Ontario, June 2, 1958)