Diefenbaker's determination carried him through many personal and political setbacks. 

His first disappointment came in 1925 when he was defeated in his election bid to represent Prince Albert in the House of Commons. He tried for the same seat again in a 1926 by-election, this time losing to Prime Minister Mackenzie King.

Deciding to test the political waters provincially, in 1929 Diefenbaker became a contender for MLA under the banner of the Saskatchewan Conservative party. He lost again, but this time only by a narrow margin.

In 1933 Diefenbaker turned to local politics, running in the mayoral election in Prince Albert, where he was beaten once more. It was not however, in Diefenbaker’s character to give up.

"Mother gave me drive, father gave me the vision to see what could be done."

(One Canada: Memoirs of the Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker)