The Canadian Jewish Experience

This exhibit highlights the challenges, achievements, and contributions of the Jewish community in Canada.

Diefenbaker and Samuel Bronfman.

"Jews have lived in Canada for nearly 250 years. Our numbers were few at first, but grew with immigration. Our entry was not easy. Canada until the 1960s had professional, educational and immigration barriers – and prejudices – targeting Jews. Happily, things have changed. Now nearly 400,000 Jewish people live in all Provinces and Territories in Canada." - The Canadian Jewish Experience

The exhibit follows the journey of the Jewish people throughout Canadian history and celebrates their contributions and role within Canadian society. This includes their role as business leaders, their participation in the armed forces, elected leaders that served democracy, the architects developing and building Canadian cities, sports, popular culture and art, and fighting discrimination.

Linda Shaw

On October 1, the Diefenbaker Canada Centre welcomed representatives from Saskatoon's Jewish community to celebrate the opening of the traveling exhibit "The Canadian Jewish Experience." Linda Shaw, daughter of Senator and former Saskatoon Mayor Sid Buckwold, spoke about her father's experience growing up in Saskatchewan. She shared stories of his times at university, of serving in the military during the Second World War, and of his journey into politics and becoming mayor of Saskatoon. She spoke of his struggles against antisemitism in his election campaigns as well as his trials and triumphs as mayor. Today's presentations highlighted the important contributions made to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Canada by Jewish individuals and communities since long before Confederation. 

We are delighted to have hosted this event and to have partnered once again with the Saskatoon Jewish community to make this exhibit opening a success. "The Canadian Jewish Experience" will be at the Diefenbaker Canada Centre until October 30, 2017. 

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