Ottawa, September 7, 1957.


Royal Visit -
Television Programme on Sunday evening

As you may recall (our memorandum of August
30), you were to discuss with the Governor-General
the question of the Queen's speech on the Sunday

We have prepared in the Department the
attached text. You will see that paragraphs 1,
2, 3 and 7 are repeated in French.  If this were
done, and given the speed at which the Queen
speaks, this material would provide a television
address of approximately ten minutes.

If you consider that the text is suitable
I could pass it on to Lionel Massey for onward
transmission to the Queen.



Ottawa, September 9, 1957.

I am happy to be in Canada again. In 1951 Prince
Philip and I had the opportunity of seeing much of this
country and meeting many of you. On the present visit
my stay will be short, so I welcome the more the opportunity
of speaking to you in your homes, as I have been able
to do before on Christmas morning.

2.            Near where I am sitting in Rideau Wall the ageless
Ottawa river speaks, as it winds its way past the Capital, of
the early march of Canadian history; and embraces on its
shores the two great cultures, the combination of which
forms one of the greatest assets of this country.

3.            Je suis heureuse de me trouver de nouveau au Canada.
En 1951 le prince Philippe et moi-meme avons eu l’occasion
de voir une bonne partie de ce pays et de rencontrer un
grand nombre d’entre vous. Cette fois mon sejour sera
de courte duree et c'est pourquoi j'apprecie tellement
l’occasion qui m’est offerte de vous parler dans
l‘intimite de vos foyers, comme j’ai pu le faire deja
le matin de Noel.

4.             Non loin d’ou je suis en ce moment a Rideau-Hall,
la riviere des Outaouais, en serpentant le long de la
capitale, nous rappelle les premieres heures de l’histoire
du Canada; ses rives sont marquees par les deux grandes
cultures, dont le melange forme l’une des plus grandes
richesses de ce pays.



5.            Canada has been much blessed by Providence with
wide acres, great forests, plentiful fisheries, and riches
below the soil.  But without the energies and skills of
the men and women of the country, these would form no
more than a promise. This is a busy and a prosperous
land with great cities and many industries, but it is one,
too, that has not neglected the spiritual and intellectual
values. This morning I worshipped in Christ Church
Cathedral; and this afternoon I saw the pattern and
colour of the Gatineau Hills in autumn. Religion and
beauty are woven into life in Canada.

6.            La Providence a pourvu le Canada genereusement de
vastes espaces, de grandes forets, d’abondantes pecheries
et d’un riche sous-sol. Mais sans l’energie et les
talents des habitants du pays, ces dons ne seraient
qu’espoir. Terre active et prospere, ou s’elevent de 
grandes villes et de nombreuses industries, le Canada
n’en oublie pas pour autant les valeurs spirituelles et
intellectuelles. Ce matin j’ai pris dans la cathedrale
Christ-Church; cet apres-midi j’ai vu les collines de la
Gatineau dans leur splendide parure automnale. Religion
et beaute s’entrelacent dans l’existence des Canadiens.

7.             Tomorrow I shall take my part, as did my father, in
the proceedings of Parliament, the orderly and democratic
means by which Canadians seek to find just and effective
solutions to the problems of the national and international

8.            In many continents, in many capitals, Commonwealth
parliaments perform their tasks of striving toward the
goals of freedom, of peace, and of human well-being.



These are amongst the bonds which draw together the many
countries of the Commonwealth. We are not an exclusive
society: we exclude only the forces of tyranny and
aggression. Developed in freedom and fashioned by common
agreement and understanding, the modern Commonwealth is
made up of many peoples and races. But it is no accidental
or temporary grouping of countries, for it stands for
lasting purposes and ideals.

9.            Speaking as I do now to my fellow Canadians,
I like to recall the particular ties between the peoples
of Canada and of the United Kingdom. These, for many of
you, are of tradition and ancestry; for a11 of you, of
problems shared and perils met; of common hopes and ideals.

10.             I look forward to returning to Canada next year
to open the great St. Lawrence Seaway. I am happy to be
with you now and to give to you -- all of you, from sea
to sea -- my best wishes for your own happiness and for
the continued well-being of Canada.

11.             J'envisage avec plaisir la perspective de
revenir l’an prochain pour inaugurer la grande voie
maritime du Saint-Laurent. Je suis heureuse de me trouver
au milieu de vous et de vous offrir, a tous d’un ocean
a l’autre, mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur personnel et de
prosperite nationale.

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