Office of the Prime Minister


Press Release Ottawa, July 9, 1957


The Prime Minister, the Honourable John Diefenbaker, announced this afternoon that Her Majesty the Queen had today graciously consented to open the first session of the Twenty-third
Parliament of Canada on Monday, October 14th.

"I am confident that all parties in Parliament will welcomes this unique opportunity to have Her Majesty open our Parliament and greet us as we take up our duties there", Mr. Diefenbaker said, "It will be the first occasion in our history when the Sovereign has personally presided over the opening of Parliament in Canada, It seems wholly appropriate that this historic event should take place on our Thanksgiving Day, which will make it possible for many more Canadians to see Her Majesty on this occasion than would otherwise be the case.”

Her Majesty will arrive in Canada on the afternoon of Saturday, October 12th, and will leave Ottawa for the United States on the morning of Wednesday, October 16th. In view of the shortness of the Queen’s stay in Canada, it will not be possible for Her to visit any place other than Ottawa.

The usual formal proclamation on calling Parliament together on October 14th for the despatch of business will be issued in due course,

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