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The Howard Green Camp

Howard Green served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker and was the Minister who advocated most strongly against the nuclear agenda.

  • The spread of nuclear weapons must be avoided and Canada must set that example
  • Canada’s reputation would be damaged by this hypocritical act
  • This would reinforce the idea that Canada is an extension of the United States
  • Tension over operational details (where they are stored, who authorizes use, etc.) is likely
  • Weapons capable of causing this level of destruction should never be utilized
  • The potential for an accident could have a disastrous effect on Canadians and the natural world
  • Those Canadians opposed to nuclear weapons are very vocal and will vote their opinion
  • There is significant cost associated with this technology which could be spent elsewhere
  • Investing in more traditional and reliable defence technology may protect Canada better

Arguments my opponents have made                                   My responses



Speech by John Diefenbaker to the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Association, Halifax

Speech by John Diefenbaker at the 46th Annual Kiwanis International Convention, Toronto

Speech by John Diefenbaker at a meeting of the Canadian Club, Ottawa Creator: Progressive Conservative Party of Canada


Letter from from F.E. Boaten, General Secretary, Accra Assembly, Ghana, to John Diefenbaker

Letter from the Defence Liaison Commission to H.B. Robinson

Draft Statement Regarding the Acquisition and Control of Nuclear Weapons for Possible use in the House of Commons

Memorandum for the Prime Minister: Re: Nuclear weapons; Policy Statement

Nuclear Weapons for Canadian Forces

Telegram to the Prime Minister

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