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The Douglas Harkness Camp

Douglas Harkness served as the Minister of Defence for Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker and was the Minister who most strongly pushed the nuclear agenda.

  • The Canadian Government has a responsibility to defend its citizens as best as it can
  • Without even using the weapons, Canada can discourage attacks through the deterrent effect
  • Canada has made a number of commitments, in several international agreements, which can only be met by arming ourselves with the best weaponry available
  • Collaboration on this issue can lead to better relations with other countries, especially the U.S.
  • We have already made a significant monetary investment in technology which is only useful if we possess nuclear technologies (The Bomarc missile, S.A.G.E. tracking, aircraft to carry them)
  • Since only the most powerful and advanced nations have access to this technology, it makes a powerful statement about Canada’s place in the world order if we accept it

Arguments my opponents have made                                   My responses



Speech by John Diefenbaker to the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Association, Halifax

Speech by John Diefenbaker at the 46th Annual Kiwanis International Convention, Toronto

Speech by John Diefenbaker at a meeting of the Canadian Club, Ottawa Creator: Progressive Conservative Party of Canada


Letter from from F.E. Boaten, General Secretary, Accra Assembly, Ghana, to John Diefenbaker

Letter from the Defence Liaison Commission to H.B. Robinson

Draft Statement Regarding the Acquisition and Control of Nuclear Weapons for Possible use in the House of Commons

Memorandum for the Prime Minister: Re: Nuclear weapons; Policy Statement

Nuclear Weapons for Canadian Forces

Telegram to the Prime Minister

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