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Why did the Canadian government eventually agree to store American nuclear weapons in the 1960s? 

Why did Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau reverse this decision in 1971 and declare Canada a non-nuclear nation? If you were in charge of deciding whether or not Canada should become a nuclear nation today, what would your decision be? What are the reasons you have made that decision?

How do factors such as the political affiliations of the Cabinet and the context of international affairs affect major national policy decisions?

Are factors such as getting re-elected or fiscal responsibility taken into account when politicians make important national policy decisions?

Which arguments do you feel were the strongest in the debate? Why?

Which arguments or issues did you think were the least relevant to the debate? Why?

What is one argument that you would like more information on before you could make an informed decision?

If the Prime Minister made a decision during a Cabinet Debate   that you did not agree with, would you be upset enough to remove yourself from the Cabinet and jeopardize your government’s reputation?

Do you think that the rules of Cabinet help Ministers make the right decisions? Why or why not?

Did the structure of the debate make it easier or more difficult to argue and discuss differing opinions?



Speech by John Diefenbaker to the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Association, Halifax

Speech by John Diefenbaker at the 46th Annual Kiwanis International Convention, Toronto

Speech by John Diefenbaker at a meeting of the Canadian Club, Ottawa Creator: Progressive Conservative Party of Canada


Letter from from F.E. Boaten, General Secretary, Accra Assembly, Ghana, to John Diefenbaker

Letter from the Defence Liaison Commission to H.B. Robinson

Draft Statement Regarding the Acquisition and Control of Nuclear Weapons for Possible use in the House of Commons

Memorandum for the Prime Minister: Re: Nuclear weapons; Policy Statement

Nuclear Weapons for Canadian Forces

Telegram to the Prime Minister

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