Your Voice Matters is a free curriculum-based educational program for Grades 5-8, funded by Elections Saskatchewan. The program is intended to counter current voter apathy – inspiring youth interest and understanding in the realms of politics and active citizenship with the goal of positively influencing the citizens, voters, and leaders of tomorrow. 

Feedback from teachers who have participated in other DCC programming indicates that our programs are valued due to their success in meeting curriculum goals and because we create a safe and welcoming space where discussion and engagement with critically important contemporary and historical topics flourish. 

Watch this video to hear Michael Boda, Saskatchewan's Chief Electoral Officer, explain the program.

Program Modules

Split into modules, the full day YVM experience for grades 7 and 8 includes all four modules; the half day YVM program for grades 4, 5 and 6 includes two, Your Province, Your Power and Raise Your Voices. The four modules are:

• Your Province, Your Power: In this module students will: explore the structure of Saskatchewan’s government; examine the distinctive role of the Crown and the Lieutenant Governor; discuss the process by which a bill becomes law and the function of the courts; and create their own mock legislation.Power and Raise Your Voices. The four modules are:

• Get Involved: This module highlights how crucial informed citizenship is, and that individuals can influence policy changes which affect their everyday lives. Students will discuss various organizations, including political parties, service clubs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profits, etc., and the importance of participation in these groups.

• Reasoning out Responsibility: In this module students will discuss federalism, including the historical reasons and contemporary implications of the delegation of powers between the federal and provincial governments. Utilizing a Supreme Court case study, students will debate jurisdiction. 

• Raise your Voices: In the final module, students will explore the principles and terminologies associated with elections, examine the electoral process, and key events in Saskatchewan’s political history, and review the history of the vote in Saskatchewan. Students will then form groups to create political parties and select key issues. The module concludes with the students presenting their platform speeches and a lively election simulation.

Your Voice Matters will play a crucial role in underlining the importance of democratic institutions, policy, and active citizenship to students—the voters of tomorrow.


For your convenience, our program coordinators will bring the program to your school, where your students can experience Your Voice Matters in the classroom, library or other suitable space. We are also happy to host groups at the Diefenbaker Centre. We ask that the groups are kept to approximately 30 students. All we require is access to a projector and, ideally the use of a computer for the PowerPoint presentations (but we can supply the computer if needed) as well as two tables for use during the election simulation.

To book, please call, email, or register online.