UofS Speakers Bureau

Mission and Vision

The University of Saskatchewan Speakers Bureau is a collection of faculty, graduate students, instructors, and researchers who are interested in giving free-of-charge talks to the broader community outside the University. We hope that these talks will not only be interesting and educational, but also allow the speakers to disseminate their work to a broader audience and form stronger connections with the public. This is the Bureau's second year of operation, as a pilot project funded by the Office of Community Engagement and Outreach. However, our goal is for it to become a permanent fixture in building community relationships, and to offer hundreds of topics in any given year.

How to Use the Bureau

If you are a member of the community interested in requesting a talk, start by browsing the "List of Topics" page. Note the speaker name and title of any topics you are interested in, and then visit the "Request a Talk" page.

If you are a UofS faculty member, graduate student, instructor, or researcher interested in becoming a member of the Bureau, visit the "Become a Speaker" page.

If you have general questions, or questions that are otherwise not answered by the pages listed in the navigation bar above, visit the "Contact" page to email the Bureau or its coordinator directly.

Because this is a pilot project, feedback from both speakers and members of the community is extremely important. Please visit the "Feedback" page to submit any suggestions, comments, or concerns.


08/01/18 - Sean Maw has officially been selected as our first "Speaker of the Year"! He is profiled in the above video.

10/11/17 - There's a spotlight on the Bureau and one of our speakers (Sean Maw) in On Campus News! Check out the article.

22/08/17 - We added about 35 new talks for the new year. Now we're well over 100!

21/01/17 - The Speakers Bureau was featured in a Global News segment this morning! Check out the video and article.

09/01/17 - There is now a promotional "gallery" display for the Bureau at Centre Mall (by the movie theatres), running until Feb 11.

05/01/17 - We added nearly 30 talks to the list of topics. We're getting close to 100 in total!

20/09/16 - The Speakers Bureau was featured in On Campus News! Check out the article.

16/09/16 - We just held our first orientation for members. Visit the "Become a Speaker" page for more information.