Sherril Gelmon Lecture Slides

Dr. Gelmon is Professor of Public Health in Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University.  She is also a member of the faculty of the Public Administration and Policy doctoral program. Dr. Gelmon's research focusses on applications of continuous improvement in health services delivery and higher education, with emphasis on the design and evaluation of educational programs for new health services professionals in disciplinary and interdisciplinary formats.  A second focus is the study of higher education policy, with specific applications to institutionalization of community engagement and related teaching strategies and institutional policies.  Dr. Gelmon is recognized as a national scholar on health professions education accreditation, and as a leader in service-learning and community engagement research.  She is widely published on a number of topics, and each year gives over 40 invited and/or peer reviewed presentations and training workshops. Dr. Gelmon spoke to the University of Saskatchewan academic community in May, 2014.

Community-Engaged Scholarship: Social Responsibility, Personal Values, and Institutional Recognition

Community and Academic Opportunities for Engaged Scholarship