Poems from Poems and Fancies (1653)
An excuse for so much writ upon my Verses.
The weight of Atomes.
 The joyning of severall Figur'd Atomes make other Figures. 
A World in an Eare-Ring.
A dialogue betwixt Wit, and Beauty.
The hunting of the Stag.
Of Poets, and their Theft.
Natures Dresse.
Of the Spider.
Of the Sunne, and the Earth.
A Man to his Mistresse.
An Epistle to Souldiers.
On a Melting Beauty.
An Elegy on my Brother, kill'd in these unhappy Warres.
[I Language want, to dresse my Fancies in,]
 [A Poet I am neither borne, nor bred] 


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