Career-Related Articles

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Co-op Programs, Internships, and Other Work Experience Options

Some programs offer co-op programs, internships or other work experience options.  For more information please read the material in the links below or contact the Program Chair for your program:

Other options:

Valuable experience and skills can also be gained through volunteer work.  There are a number of organizations that are always looking for volunteers.  Some examples include:

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability offers career-oriented summer employment internships and part-time winter internships.  For more information on this and to see the other resources they have complied on “Green Careers” visit their website.

Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC)

The SECC offers a number of resources and services to assist with all aspects of your job search and career development. Visit:

  • Jobs - to find job postings, job search tips, networking opportunities and a list of upcoming Career Fairs
  • Career Planning - to take a career assessment, make a career coaching appointment, and learn how to research your options
  • Resumes and CVs - for help writing your resume, cover letter or CV
  • Interviewing - for assistance preparing for a job interview
  • Volunteering and Internships - to learn about local, national, and international volunteer and intern experiences

Additional Job Search Sites

If you have suggestions of information you would like to see here or sites that should be added please email Liz Kuley, Environmental Programs Coordinator.