Green Sheet - Academic Advising Tool

The Green Sheet is a list of undergraduate courses from many departments across campus that are focused in the area of environment. It is meant to be a useful resource for current students, faculty program coordinators and academic advisors regarding the range of courses focused in the area of environment and can be used when looking for potential elective courses for use in a student's degree program. 

Arts and Science students should note that there are some courses on the Green Sheet that they cannot take for credit.  These courses are marked with a grey box on the Green Sheet.

It is important for students to meet regularly with an academic advisor regarding their program.  Please consult with an academic advisor regarding whether certain classes on this list can be used as electives in your particular program and situation.

Please consult the Course and Program Catalogue for accurate descriptions, prerequisite(s) and notes about classes listed on the Green Sheet. 

Undergraduate Research

If you are interested in undergraduate research the U of S has a great website full of information.  Everything from what and why to opportunities at the U of S and how to get involved.