Environmental and Bioresources Student Association (EBSA)

Environmental and Bioresources Student Association (EBSA) is a student group that focuses on providing social, academic, and athletic activities for the members of the group, students in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, and students of the University of Saskatchewan. EBSA is open to students of Environmental Science, Applied Plant Ecology, Renewable Resource Management, Soil Science, and anyone that has an interest in the environment.  Students that have any questions about the club can contact us directly by email or visit us on Facebook.


Environmental Engineering Student Society (ENVESS)

The Environmental Engineering Students' Society (ENVESS) is an active student group that represents environmental engineers at the University of Saskatchewan by providing for the academic and social needs of our students, and maintaining an official link between the students and the College.  Social events, such as our Little Buddy Big Buddy, allow our students to build a network of friends within the college. In addition to social events, ENVESS hosts industry events to provide our students with the professional skills that cannot be learned in classes.  We enjoy being an active part of our community and have recently started participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure, CKOM Adopt A Family, and the Saskatoon Clothing Drive. ENVESS fundraises throughout the year to support our events and is responsible for planning graduation. 


Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA)

The Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA) is a multi-disciplinary undergraduate student association at the University of Saskatchewan. Our membership is made up of, however not limited to students in Geography, Environment and Society, Environmental Earth Sciences, Regional and Urban Development and Agriculture. All students in any program are welcome to join ESSA as we embrace anyone with a passion for the sustainability and health of our global environment.

Throughout the year we devote our efforts to environmental activities within our community by providing volunteer opportunities as well as academic and recreational activities for our members. We also have a commitment to fundraising and donating for various environmental causes. Above all ESSA takes pride in creating a friendly atmosphere for like-minded individuals to come together and share ideas and make a difference.

Find out how you can become involved!

 ESSA U of S
Office: Room 212 Kirk Hall 
(office hours are posted on door and on Facebook)

Toxicology Students Society (ToSS)

The Toxicology Students Society (ToSS) is a group for the undergraduate students in the Toxicology program. We host various events during the year to bring students together and allow them to socialize with other students in their program. We also hold fundraisers in order to raise money for the year-end grad banquet. Some events we do include social nights, trivia nights, "Meet the Prof" nights, as well as a Toxicology Centre Open House. Anyone interested in attending to a meeting or joining the group are encouraged to email us.

nib578@mail.usask.ca or akg402@mail.usask.ca
uSask Toxicology Students Society

University of Saskatchewan Biology Club

The purpose of the Biology Club is to stimulate interest among the University community, and the public at large, in all aspects of pure and applied biological sciences. They provide extra-curricular recreational, social, and educational activities for all members, as well as act on behalf of biology undergraduate students in Biology Department activities requiring student representation. They also act on behalf of biology undergraduate students in Campus-wide student government activities requiring "biology" student representation.

University of Saskatchewan Biology Club

Other Campus Groups

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