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Undergraduate Environmental Degree Programs

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Three colleges at the University of Saskatchewan offer undergraduate environmental degree programs. In The College of Agriculture and Bioresources, students can pursue environmental degrees focused on protecting renewable resources and the environment through responsible management and conservation of the world's soil, water and ecosystems. From the College of Arts and Science, environmental degrees are available focusing in areas such as the earth sciences, biodiversity, ecology, conservation, toxicology, and environmental studies and policy. Finally, in the College of Engineering students may pursue an environmental degree focused on the application of science and engineering principles for the protection and improvement of public health and the environment. 

Whether you are interested in field-work, lab-work, policy, or planning, we offer an undergraduate environmental degree to fit your interests. In fact, there are eight undergraduate environmental degree options to choose from!


The diversity of programs offer students an opportunity to explore many aspects of environmental work, ranging from bioresources and studies in soil science, water science, and agriculture, to environmental policy, risk assessment, communications, geography, and planning, to biology, toxicology, and more. To learn more about a particular program, select it from the list under Programs above.  Each program page includes a video about the program, as well as additional information, or you can read the Environmental Programs brochure.  Not finding what you were looking for?  The University of Saskatchewan offers many different options so explore to find the one that's right for you.