Students can only complete a minor that has been approved for the college that the student is registered in and must be completed at the time of graduation from the college.  For example, only students completing a degree from the College of Arts & Science can complete a minor approved by that college and they must finish the requirements for the minor before they graduate with their degree.

Some minors that may be of interest to environmental students include:


Certificates, on the other hand, are stand-alone programs and most can be completed in conjunction with a degree or on their own.  Students in any College can complete most Certificates.  Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor in their College to see which classes in the certificate will also work towards their degree.
Some Certificates that may be of interest to environmental students include:

If a student is interested in completing a minor or certificate they are strongly encouraged to talk with an academic advisor in their College.

Learn more about the Certificate in Sustainability from students.

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To find out more about the minors, options and certificates check out information provided by the Colleges:

College of Agriculture and Bioresources