Hear from students about the program.

What am I going to learn?

I will learn about:

  • Surface and ground water management, treatment and protection
  • Air quality treatment, protection and preservation
  • Land management and reclamation
  • Waste management and utilization
  • Site Remediation and reclamation
  • Industrial microbiology and biochemistry
  • Recycling of materials and energy recovery
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Life cycle and sustainability in engineering design

What experiences will I have?

  • I will complete hands on laboratory exercises related to environmental engineering
  • I will participate in team projects
  • I will participate in environmental issues debates
  • I will gain experience in engineering design to provide solutions to environmental challenges
  • I will participate in building a better environment
  • I will have the opportunity to work as an intern during my studies
  • I will have the opportunity to complete the Engineering Entrepreneurship Option if this is something that interests me

What can I do with this after I graduate?

  • I can design solutions to solve environmental challenges
  • I can determine environmental impacts prior to development
  • I can enhance society through sustainable development of resources
  • I can provide innovative solutions to recycling and reuse of materials
  • I can design sustainable energy systems
  • I can design remediation and reclamation solutions for impacted sites
  • I can develop guidelines for the protection of air, water and soil for future generations
  • I can provide water and wastewater treatment solutions
  • I can enhance people’s lives through improved housing, energy and urban design

What lens will I use to see the world

  • I will be an engineer with a focus on sustainable solutions
  • I will work as part of teams to provide improved use of resource and protection of the environment
  • I will be interested in developing solutions that improve everyone’s daily lives
  • I will work to provide solutions that preserve the environment for future generations

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Liz Kuley
Environmental Programs Coordinator