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What am I going to learn?

I will learn about:

  • Relationships between environmental constraints and sustainable development
  • Prairie agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Laboratory analysis of soil and water samples

What experiences will I have?

  • I will gain practical field experience in prairie environments.
  • I will gain practical field experience in Boreal forest environments.
  • I will learn and practice laboratory analysis and computer-based interpretation.
  • I will complete / participate in / gain practical experience in managing the effects of western Canadian natural resource sector on our soil resources.

What can I do with this after I graduate?

  • I can use this degree to obtain a career in the agricultural sector, agronomic practice, or environmental consulting
  • I can become a professional agrologist, after graduation.

What lens will I use to see the world?

  • I will be a professional agrologist who has expertise in environmental remediation and soil reclamation
  • I will be interested in restoring and reclaiming contaminated sites, minimizing the effects of industry on soil resources, and choosing sustainable approaches to agriculture.

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Liz Kuley
Environmental Programs Coordinator