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What am I going to learn?

I will learn about:

  • Sustainable resource management
  • Economics of natural resource, water, forestry and land use
  • Finding practical ways to conserve water, forests, biodiversity and energy
  • Renewable resource and environmental decision making
  • Resource and environmental policy development

What experiences will I have?

  • I will gain practical, hands on experience in assessing environmental challenges.
  • I will have opportunities to work with students with different perspectives.
  • I will develop skills with  a range of tools to assist renewable resource decision making.

What can I do with this after I graduate?

  • I can use this degree to play a role in resource policy analysis.
  • I can be prepared to make decisions about natural resource management.
  • I can evaluate environmental challenges and develop policy and management solutions.
  • I can apply innovative thinking, analysis and knowledge to environmental policy and management.
  • I can become a professional agrologist, after graduation.

What lens will I use to see the world?

  • I will evaluate environmental challenges considering human decision making.
  • I will apply economics to understand renewable resources.

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Liz Kuley
Environmental Programs Coordinator