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What am I going to learn?

I will learn about:

  • Environmental site assessment and soil landscape relationships
  • In-field understanding of the spatial relationships of ecosites and soil units
  • Remediation and reclamation practices
  • Analysis and aggregation of field data
  • Application of ecological land classification

What experiences will I have?

  • I will gain field site assessment experience in grassland and boreal ecoregions.
  • I will gain practical experience in environmental sampling and handling.
  • I will learn research design and field sampling strategies.
  • I will complete analysis of soil properties in the field and the laboratory.
  • I will complete analysis of landscape controls on plant and soil distributions.
  • I will learn about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and handling of spatial data.
  • I will learn about environmental modeling concepts.

What can I do with this after I graduate?

  • I can use this degree to work in:
    • Environmental Consultant
    • Forestry
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Research
    • Conservation
  • I can become a professional agrologist, after graduation.

What lens will I use to see the world?

  • I will be a professional scientist who can play a significant role in guiding the ethical practice of resource extraction, reclamation/remediation of disturbed lands, and promote sustainable use of the environment.
  • I will be interested in the key role that soils and plants play in the environment as a renewable resource.

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Liz Kuley
Environmental Programs Coordinator