Introducing the Collegial Process Support Series: Navigating Academic Leadership Together

Are you a department head, assistant dean, or associate dean looking for a platform to connect, share experiences, and gather valuable insights from fellow leaders in academia? The...

Staying the course in volatile markets

There’s been lots of noise about market volatility. But what does it mean? And how should you deal with it?

Men's health

The average life expectancy for Canadian men is four years less than women.

Three easy (free!) ways to feel better this summer

With help from Lifeworks, USask's Employee and Family Assistance Provider.

Cybersecurity Tips for Travel 

To cyber criminals your technology devices and personal information are just as, if not more valuable than the contents of your suitcase.  Whether heading to a work conference or v...

Listen to Your Voice of Reason During Tax Season

Like it or not, it's that time of the year again: tax season, also known as a cyber criminal's holy grail. This article covers some things you can do to protect yourself from tax...

Flu season is in full swing in Saskatchewan

Influenza cases are up considerably this year compared to previous years.

Safe Online Shopping Holiday Tips

Do you know who loves the holidays? Scammers. It’s their favorite time of the year because people are primed to spend money, are susceptible to fake texts and emails, and the h...

Feeling overwhelmed with the holidays around the corner?

LifeWorks can help!

Winter Walking Tips

With winter here in full swing, here are a few safety tips for walking on campus this winter.

2022 USask Safety Award Winner

Kyla Denton has been named the University of Saskatchewan Safety Recognition Award winner for 2022

Overwhelmed? Under pressure? Feel better after a mindful moment (or two!)

With help from Lifeworks, USask's Employee and Family Assistance Provider.

Beat the end-of-summer blues with self-care

With help from Lifeworks, USask's Employee and Family Assistance Provider.

2022 University Staff Excellence Awards Winners

The University Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members who have achieved excellence while demonstrating dedication and commitment to the university’s Mission, Vision and Va...

Successful Collaboration Delivers Changes to Honorarium Process

Working together, the Office of the Vice-Provost, Indigenous Engagement (OVPIE) and ConnectionPoint are embracing Manacihitowin.

Tips When Reporting Incidents

USask safety officers patrol the campus on foot, bike and in marked patrol vehicles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A reminder to all members of the university community that susp...

Data Privacy Week

January 24-28 is Data Privacy Week. This weeklong event is an international effort to raise awareness of the importance of data privacy for individuals and encourage businesses to ...

Rethinking printing

Tips for sustainable printing on campus.

Changing workforce at USask

COVID-19 has brought about many challenges for the world over the past 20 months, with one of the biggest being how we work.

Top-5 ways to prepare for a return to campus

As USask prepares for the transition to increased on-campus activities, faculty, staff and students may be wondering what they need to do to prepare to be on campus. Here are the t...

Standardizing computer equipment at USask

Talking tech with Shari

Planning A Psychologically Safe Return to the Workplace

Adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Six Tips to Respond to Employee Anxiety About Returning to Campus

Adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Employee Appreciation Week

USask is celebrating Employee Appreciation Week where you can participate in online contests and view messages of appreciation.

2021 University Staff Excellence Awards Winners

The University Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members who have achieved excellence while demonstrating dedication and commitment to the university’s Mission, Vision and Va...

Peace earns recognition for safety leadership

Rob Peace has been awarded the 2021 USask Safety Recognition Award

Ask a USask Expert: MFA

Senior IT Support Specialist Jason Yagelnesky answers the need-to-know questions for those yet to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Houseplants 101 with the help of USask Grounds Manager Gift Marufu

As the weather warms up, it can be even harder to be away from our beautiful campus. University of Saskatchewan grounds manager, Gift Marufu, shares some information about the care...

Put a healthy spin on your favourite recipes

As a father of five, USask’s culinary services assistant director and executive chef James McFarland knows the value of sneaking vegetables into everyday meals.

Five Ways to Get Healthy this Nutrition Month

Health and well-being are multidimensional. This Nutrition Month, consider the following tips to improve your habits and start feeling better.

Custodial staff key to safety on campus during pandemic

Although the majority of students are still taking classes from their homes and most faculty and staff are working remotely, there is a small community that needs to be on the Univ...

Five wellness tips for winter

Dealing with the cold and lack of sunlight can be exhausting. It’s important to pay extra attention to your wellness during these times. Here are a few tips to jump start your wint...

Marquis Culinary Centre pivots during pandemic

When quarantine hit, executive chef James McFarland and his team at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) weren’t sure what the next few months, let alone the year, would look lik...

2020 University Staff Excellence Award winner

Nicole Benning, Research Support Specialist, Research Services and Ethics Office, is the 2020 recipient of the University Staff Excellence Award winner.

Ask a USask Expert: Supporting learners from home

Dr. Jay Wilson (EdD), associate professor and department head of curriculum studies, provides answers on how you can support your kids as they learn from home.

Ask a USask Expert: Pet questions

Dr. Jordan Woodsworth, Clinical Associate – Wellness and Remote Clinical Practice, at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine answers your pet questions.

Shop USask supports students at home and abroad

Providing support for students and the university along with fostering pride and building community is what Shop USask is all about.

Making virtual connections

When the University of Saskatchewan (USask) transitioned most of its teaching and learning activities to remote delivery this past spring many university systems and processes need...

Clinical learning during COVID: Employee profile with Amanda Leddy 

Simulated patient educator Amanda Leddy shares how the USask Clinical Learning Resource Centre (CLRC) adapted delivery of clinical training and assessment for health science studen...

Keeping plants green during COVID-19: Employee profile with Sue Johnson

As the Department of Biology’s plant growth facility manager, Sue Johnson ensures that students and scientists have the plants, materials, supplies and supports they need for their...

Life on campus in the time of COVID: Employee profile with Dean Yurkowski

Dean Yurkowski, radiation safety specialist, shares what life is like on campus during COVID-19.

Safe signage on campus

The Safe Building Return Group is working with colleges and units across campus to ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as activit...

Ask a USask Expert: Financial Wellness

Financial, physical and mental wellness are intertwined. A majority of people identify finance as a high-stress area that causes them to lose sleep and underperform at work.

Cooking during COVID-19

With pandemic baking trends like sour dough bread and focaccia art many of us are back in the kitchen these days.

Fowler faces new challenge in campus career

With more than 25 years of experience on campus, Greg Fowler has witnessed everything from major facility expansion to budget cuts to a campus-closing winter storm, but he’s never ...

Health Sciences lab managers recognized for collaboration

As part of Safety and Health week, Safety Resources took the opportunity to celebrate those in the USask community who go above and beyond to keep our students, staff and faculty s...

Tips for working at home

For those who have never had to work from home before, it can be hard to adjust and stay productive in what is typically a leisure setting.

USask employee recognized as the Saskatchewan Safety Professional of the Year

Pat Hauser, the safety management systems co-ordinator for Safety Resources at the University of Saskatchewan (USask), has been named the Saskatchewan Safety Professional of the Ye...

Rapid fire with Rick LeBlanc

From high-tech research equipment to hay bales, the University of Saskatchewan (USask) purchases a wide variety of items to support its teaching and learning, research and administ...

From assembly line to the board room for Carver

An encounter with one of Canada’s biggest business leaders helped carve out a career path for one of the University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) senior leaders.

Small changes lead to big savings at USask

It’s the equivalent of showering for 540 straight days or enough water to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools. That is how Doug Fansher, a PhD candidate in the College of Arts ...

Winter is here – keeping safe this season

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we manage risks to keep the USask community safe.

Epp’s team committed to serving students

When Wade Epp first stepped onto campus in 2000 as a commerce student, he couldn’t have anticipated that he would still be here almost 20 years later.

Creating efficient campus connections

Advancing processes and increasing efficiency aren’t just buzz words, they’re critical to freeing up valuable time and energy for everyone across campus.

Weathering the storm: Snow removal no problem for USask Facilities

Keeping a close eye on weather apps and forecasts has become a borderline obsession for USask’s Grounds Manager, Gift Marufu throughout the winter months.

Tips for managing holiday stress

The holiday season is a time of reflection and celebration, but for some the additional parties, gift buying, and family commitments can make the holidays a stressful time of year.

Planning and preparation pays off during power outage

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems are like power; you don’t always notice them unless they stop working.

USask facilities staff restored power after lengthy outage

When the power went out at 10:45 pm on October 21, 2019, facilities staff couldn’t have known it would be the longest, and most significant power outage in the history of the Unive...

Tips for remaining energized, engaged and productive at work

A healthy mind, much like a healthy body, requires regular exercise and activity to keep you feeling your best. Try these energizing tips to help you bring your ‘A-game’ to work an...

USask's College of Dentistry navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

In March 2020, as everything was shutting down in response to COVID-19, faculty, staff and students at the USask College of Dentistry were hunkering down, preparing a detailed plan...