Faculty and Staff

Resources and support information for USask faculty and staff

President's Staff Excellence Award nominations are now open.


Employee Information

Total Reward Statementstime reporting, compensation, professional development funding, and more in the Employment Resources channel.

Benefits and Pension

 Benefit and pension plan information.

Faculty Relations

Information for faculty including recruitment, retention and career development and onboarding.

Employee Agreements

Official employment agreements for all of our employee groups.

Labour Updates

Up-to-date labour information.


List of all campus-wide approved policies.

Employee Engagement Video

Employee Engagement Survey 

USask faculty and staff are invited to participate in an upcoming Employee Engagement Survey. The survey is a chance for employees to weigh in with their thoughts and share feedback about working at USask.

Need help or don't know where to start?

ConnectionPoint is a great place to start if you need help and don't know where to start. They can help with financial matters, travel, recruiting and hiring and more!

With the Pack at Work

Contributing to make USask the university the world needs.


Career Engagement

USask is committed to a culture of continuous learning and development. The process of determining learning and development opportunities starts with a development conversation with your immediate supervisor.


ICT Services and Support

Get IT support services, consultation and training. Learn how to work remotely.

Research Services

Providing support for your research and partnership activities from the planning stages to securing funding to ensuring your research is executed to the highest standards.

Teaching and Learning

Programs and resources that cover topics related to teaching strategies, assessment and valuation, and more.

IN 2019
Employees said USask
was a safe and caring environment

Employee survey responses showed overall we ranked USask highest for providing a safe working environment and a feeling that our unit/college leader cared about our well-being.

USask cares about your well-being and offers support, services and resources to encourage a safe and positive work-life balance and to assist you in achieving optimal health.

Awards and Recognition 

Honouring and celebrating our faculty and staff for service to the university, and achieving excellence in teaching and learning and outstanding achievement in research, artistic, and scholarly work.

Diversity is a central component of excellence; one cannot achieve excellence without also incorporating diversity.


Prospective Faculty and Staff

Join our outstanding institution of research, learning, knowledge-keeping, reconciliation and inclusion -  the university the world needs.