The University Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members who have achieved excellence while demonstrating dedication and commitment to the university’s Mission, Vision and Values and support of the University Plan 2025.

The staff member must be a current employee as of April 30 of the year of the nomination.

Criteria for selection of the individual include evidence of the following:

  • enhancement of the work environment by providing extraordinary service to the university community;
  • inspiration, support and respect of the endeavours of others; and
  • distinction of accomplishment achieved through dedication and commitment to the university’s Mission, Vision and Values and support of the University Plan 2025.


Two awards of $1,000 will be presented annually.


Submission deadline is March 23, 2020.


All members of the University of Saskatchewan community are invited to nominate an employee for the University Staff Excellence Award. Each nomination must include:

  • a completed nomination form
  • a one-page overview/executive summary by the nominator;
  • specific demonstration of how the nominee meets the criteria of this award;
  • indicated support by nominee’s supervisor; and
  • one or two signed letters of support. These letters may be:
    • from an internal supporter, for example, students, co-workers;
    • from an external supporter as they relate to the work of the nominee at the university; or
    • signed by one or more individuals.


Please contact if you have any questions.

More Information

The University Staff Excellence Award Committee considers applications of many deserving individuals. In order to assist nominators in preparing the best package possible on behalf of the nominee, we are pleased to provide the following tips for preparing a University Staff Excellence Award package.

Choose supporters wisely

Seek letter[s] of support from individuals who have direct knowledge of the nominee and can speak first-hand about his or her contribution. Please limit the length of support letters to 1-2 pages.

Speak directly to each criteria

Commentary included on the nomination form and letter[s] of support must speak directly to the selection criteria and include specific demonstration of behaviour that exemplifies the selection criteria. We strongly encourage specific linkage to at least two of the values and principles set out in the Mission, Vision and Values and at least one of the elements (Commitments, Aspirations, or Goals) of the 2025 University Plan.

Use simple language

Try to avoid technical or discipline-specific terms. If it is not possible to avoid particular terms, explain or define the terms so that non-experts will understand them. It might be helpful to have a non-expert review material that includes technical and/or discipline-specific language for clarity and understanding.

Clearly outline significance of contribution

While the significance of the nominee’s contributions may be obvious to you, do not assume it will be obvious to all those who are reading the applications. Help us make the connection between behaviours and/or activities toward specific outcomes.

Meet deadlines

Deadlines are required so the individuals reviewing the applications have time to give each application the attention it deserves. We appreciate the time and energy that goes into a nomination and we want to give each nominee due consideration.


Take a moment to appreciate the individual you are nominating—we are fortunate to have so many people who meet the criteria for this award and are deserving. And, we appreciate you for taking the time to prepare a nomination.

The selection committee includes representatives from:

  • Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA)
  • CUPE Local 1975
  • Exempt Staff
  • Faculty
  • People and Resources
  • University Relations
  • President’s Office
Year Recipient
2019 Lana Elias Darrell Solie
2018 Alexis Dahl Dale Claude
2017 Margret Asmuss Pam Komonoski
2016 Liz Scott Candace Wasacase-Lafferty
2015 Heather Anne Burch Rae Bourner
2014 Michele Derksen Marlene Fehr
2013 Glen Hauser Laura Kennedy
2012 Heather Luckey Allan Stuchenko
2011 Bryan Bilkokreli Cathie Fornssler
2010 Edna Jen Warrington Gordon Herman
2009 Patrick Hayes Parkash Virdi
2008 Catherine Dgunderson Lynn Guina
2007 Barbara Gillis Val Arnault-Pelletier
2006 Brad Steeves Pauline Melis
2005 Norma McBain David Bocking
2004 Peter Herd Howie Salisbury
2003 Danielle Fortosky Eileen Herteis
2002 Colleen Teague Heather Kuttai
2001 Merry Beazely Grace Milashenko
2000 Nathan Kolla Merv Pryziasniuk
1999 Bob Cram Elaine Angielski
1998 Wendy Bates Evelyn Peters
1997 Jacqueline Fraser Eileen McLean
1996 Kurt Tischler Rhoda Miko
1995 Neil Richards