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Financial Services (FS)

Buying Goods & Services

The university requires a diverse range of goods and services to carry out its activities - teaching, research, manufacturing and retail operations.  This section includes information about policy and guidelines, how to buy the goods and services you need, contracts and internal services that can be used, and the policies and regulations that may affect the purchase.

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Tel: (306) 966-2000

Reference Guide

Methods below can be used for: Purchases Less Than $10,000.00Purchases Between $10,000.00 - $75,000.00Purchases Over $75,000.00
Internal Campus Services Yes Yes Yes
Procurement Card (PCard) Yes No No
Purchase Order (PO) Yes, when required Yes Yes
Standing Order (SO) Yes, exception only  Yes, exception only  Yes, exception only 
Contracted Suppliers Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Bids No Yes Yes
Contract Templates Yes No No
Internal Approvals Yes Yes Yes
Regulatory Requirements Yes Yes Yes
Granting Agency Requirements Yes Yes Yes


VersionsDocument NameHelp
Standing Order Information Session Presentation  
Standing Order Changes - Highlights of Significant Changes  

Procurement Card (PCard)

A buying tool that authorized individuals are encouraged to use for the purchase of goods for university business up to a value of $5,000 Canadian (CAD), taxes included.


For all documents relating to Procurement Cards, please see Knowledgebase.  Questions can be directed to ConnectionPoint.

Purchase Requisition (UniFi)

An electronic form in the UniFi system that enables authorized individuals to request the purchase of goods and/or services using a purchase order or standing order.  The standing order is used for multiple orders from the same supplier over a fiscal year.  A competitive bid process and/or a contract may form part of the procurement process.


VersionsDocument NameHelp
Single Source Procurement Justification form  
Exception Standing Order Confirmation of Receipt of Goods Form  

Contracts & Contract Templates

Contract for Services Less Than $10,000.00

For all documents relating to Contracts & Contract Templates, please see Knowledgebase.  Questions can be directed to ConnectionPoint.

The Guideline for Agreement for Services Under $10,000.00 can also be found in Knowledgebase.