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Categories of Forms Available

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Travel Forms

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Authority to Travel
Travel Expense Claim Form
Travel Expense Detail Form
Declaration of Lost Travel Supporting Documentation  
Travel Card Application  
Vehicle Distance Report - University Owned/Leased and CVA Vehicles
Vehicle Kilometer Log - Personal Use of Vehicles Reimbursements
Application for Authorization to Operate University owned/leased or CVA Vehicles Form  

Payment & Reimbursement Forms

For Travel Claim forms, please see the Travel section

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Cheque Requisition / Reimbursement Claim  
Electronic Funds Transfer Application for Vendors  
Honorarium Requisition  
Research Participants Funding Requisition - handled by ConnectionPoint  
Service Income Requisition  
Wire Transfer Request (requires completed cheque requisition / reimbursement claim)  
Petty Cash Application  
Summary of Petty Cash Expenditures  
Tuition Spending Account Reimbursement  
Non-Resident Withholding Tax (NRWT)  

Procurement Card (PCard) Forms

For all documents relating to Procurement Cards, please see Knowledgebase.  Questions can be directed to ConnectionPoint.

Payroll Forms

Hire and appointment related forms can be found in the Knowledgebase.  Questions can be directed to ConnectionPoint.

Personal tax credit returns (TD1 and TD1SK) can be found in Knowledgebase as well.

In order to do an AboutUS Journal Voucher, please use the eForm for "Move Transaction (Journal Voucher)" in the Admin Services/ConnectionPoint channel of PAWS.

NOTE: To make changes to name, contact information, mailing address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts and email alias, log in to and in the dropdown box under your name in the upper right corner, select “My contact information.”

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Employee Direct Deposit  
Vacation Adjustment Form  
Reimbursement - Tuition Spending Account  
T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment  

Non-University Paymaster Payroll Forms

These forms are only for the the use of paymaster clients (Chart 2 CFOAPA).

OnlinePrintDocument Name
Paymaster Hourly Payments
Paymaster Monthly Salaried Payments
Paymaster Separation, Leaves

Student Related Forms

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Tuition Waiver  

Procurement Related Forms

For Procurement Card (PCard) forms, please see the PCard section.

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Employment vs Contracted Services Questionnaire  
Agreement for Services Valued up to $10,000 CAD  
Recurring Engagement / Approved Contract Template - Certification Page  
Non-Consumptive Alcohol - Inventory Control Sheet  
Single Source Procurement Justification  
Exception Standing Order Confirmation of Receipt of Goods Form  

Accounting Related Forms

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Fund Application
Delegate Signing Authority Request Form  
Accounts Receivable Invoice Template
Report of External Audit Activity
Request to Write-off Valueless Assets  

Cash & Treasury

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Daily Cash Report
Merchant Account Application
e-Select Information Form
Financial Aid (scholarship) Upload  

Banner Finance (UniFi) Forms

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Banner Finance Access Control Form  
Fund Application  
Designated Fund Template  

Equipment Inventory & Tracking Forms

VersionsDocument NameHelp
Property Used off Campus
Request to Write-off Valueless Asset