University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Off-Campus Meetings and Events Booking Guidelines

A university-sponsored meeting or event, such as a conference, banquet, reception or retreat, may require the use of off-campus venues like hotels or event centres. If the off-campus event relates to hospitality, such as a staff appreciation event or alumni gathering, follow the hospitality guidelines.

If a contract is involved, it must be forwarded to Purchasing Services for review and signing (see Signing Authority Policy). 

Contracts Process

 If no contract is required by the venue, please contact Purchasing Services (see below) to discuss any associated risks. 

PCard or Purchase Order?

If the total cost including deposit is less than $5,000 with or without a contract, a PCard can be used for both the deposit and payment of the invoice. An authorization, in the form of an email from Purchasing Services, must be attached to the PCard statement as supporting documentation to show proof of authorization for payment by PCard. In the email, Purchasing Services will include a copy of the fully executed contract and information (such as venue, date of event, name of event) so the email can be linked to the appropriate event. If no contract is required, indicate this by writing “No contract required” on the PCard statement when reconciling the transaction. 

If the total cost including deposit is more than $5,000, a purchase requisition must be entered in UniFi. The purchase requisition should be set up with actual costs where available, or estimates where variable costs are involved. For example, for food cost, multiply price per plate by the estimated number of attendees. 

Any required deposit must also be reflected as a separate line item and cannot be placed on a PCard. 

If you need assistance setting up a purchase requisition, contact:

UniFi Support | 306-966-8783 

For other inquiries, contact:

ConnectionPoint | 306-966-2000