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Reimbursement of Educational Costs

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To provide guidance regarding the reimbursement for educational costs to employees.   

The University of Saskatchewan encourages employees to enrich their employment through formal education, short courses, and other means of professional development. Educational leaves, professional development and tuition waivers are discussed in the Collective Agreements between the University of Saskatchewan and its employees' unions - ASPA, CUPE 1975 and USFA.

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada) guidelines, regarding the tax implications for employees of employer-paid educational costs, are outlined in the CRA web page titled T4130 Employers' Guide - Taxable Benefits and Allowances ( Future tax rulings and case law will impact the application and/or relevance of these guidelines.


The University of Saskatchewan will use the following guidelines to determine whether reimbursement of employee educational costs is appropriate and whether these reimbursements will be considered a taxable benefit to the employee.  

There are three broad categories of educational costs:

Specific Employment Related Training

General Employment Related Training

Personal Interest Training


Requests for Reimbursements

Requests for Waivers


If you require further assistance regarding the reimbursement of education costs please contact:

Claims to APEA or DSAPEA



Claims to CUPE 1975 Educational Fund

Academic Participation/Professional Development Fund for CUPE3287 (Sessional Lecturers)  

USFA - Eligibility for Tuition Waiver

Debbie Anderson


ASPA - Eligibility for Tuition Waiver

Debbie Anderson


Department Expense Account

Applicable Dean, Department Head or Director