U of S Green Computing Initiatives

Buying Green

  • The Campus Computer Store has selected a variety of EPEAT Gold rated computing product, including laptops, desktops and monitors, along with power management products.

Greening Computing Labs

  • The U of S Learning Commons has embarked on an energy conservation program over the past two years to refresh its fleet of desktop computers with low power Eco Ultra Small form factor desktops with LCD monitors. These new desktops use less than 35% of the power consumed by previous equipment. Through scheduled power management, the computers power down during off hours, reducing the energy footprint by an additional 40%.   
  • The College of Arts and Science Computer Labs has implemented a Power Management strategy in some of its larger Computer Lab facilities to reduce energy consumption through the purchase of Eco Ultra Small form factor desktops with LCD monitors along with scheduled power management to power down computers during off hours.

ICT Power Management Initiatives

  • We have been using Windows Group Policies to apply power management configurations to Windows desktops in managed computing areas such as computer lab facilities. The policies and scripts have been made available to other Campus IT Support Staff wishing to actively manage power settings for Windows computers in their areas. 

Thin Client Computing and Desktop Virtualization

  • Thin Client computing and Desktop Virtualization have been recently promoted as ways to implement Greener ICT while reducing cost. We have been partnering with colleges and units to deliver virtual desktops through thin client computing technologies since 2002 to address client needs. 
    • The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition has been using Windows Terminal Services to in their Professional Skills Lab facility.
    • The College of Dentistry delivers their Dental Clinic system to non-Windows devices through Windows Terminal Services.
  • With growing demand for access to discipline-specific software by students in general-purpose facilities and from their own laptops, the university has been challenged to respond through:
    • The College of Engineering offers remote access to the Engineering Student computing facilities to their students through Remote Desktop Connection.
  • To emphasis power savings and greener desktop delivery models ICT has recently engaged in two pilots:
    • To deliver ArcGIS software to U of S students using Citrix Virtual Desktop technologies.
    • A Virtual Desktop pilot focusing on providing a complete administrative desktop computing experience using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services.  

Green Computing email Distribution List

  • To build and enhance community efforts in the area of Green Computing, we have initiated an email distribution list, to join this list, contact the moderator, Ian.Macphedran@usask.ca

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