How to Setup Your Adobe Creative Cloud Account

Once ICT - IT Support - has assigned you a license, Adobe Creative Cloud will send you an email asking you to setup your account.

1.  Click the Get Started button in the email from Adobe:

email from Adobe


2.  A) Type in the below information:

  • a password
  • Canada as your country
  • check the box for I have read and accepted the Terms of Use...

    B) Click Continue

type in information

3.  If prompted to Add a mobile phone number, click Skip:

skip mobile phone

  • You should then be directed to a Manage Account Page

manage account page

4. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app on your computer:


  • Click the windows start button in bottom left corner
  • start typing Creative Cloud
  • under Best match, click Adobe Creatvie Cloud

 open creative cloud app

NOTE: If you need to install the Creative Cloud app, follow these directions.

Mac OS:

  • Open Adobe Creative Cloud from your Applications folder


NOTE: If you need to install the Creative Cloud app, follow these directions.





5. You may be signed in to Creative Cloud already with your account and the licensing for that account expired on Feb 23, 2018.  If you are signed in as, you will need to sign out by clicking the person icon in top right of the Creative Cloud desktop app and selecting Sign out:

log out

6.  Sign in using your (i.e. and the password you set for your Adobe ID account in Step 2 above:

log in with

7. Once you are sign in, click the App tab and click the Install button for any Creative Cloud applications you need to install.

install any apps you need

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