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Installing Adobe Creative Cloud on Apple OS 10.9+

Note: This install guide is for university-owned computers only. If you do not see an option to install any of the Creative Cloud applications in the self-service application, your local IT support may have to take additional steps to make it available to you. If you are unsure who your local IT support is, contact the Service Desk at 306-966-2222.

  1. Obtain a license from the Campus Computer Store.
  2. Open a web browser and go to:
  3. Log in with your NSID and Password.


  4. Select your department from the list of choices (if prompted).


  5. Click the Enroll button.


  6. Click the Download button to download the QuickAdd installer.


  7. Once the QuickAdd installer has downloaded, go to your downloads and double click the QuickAdd.pkg file.


  8. Click the Continue button.


  9. Click the Continue button.


  10. Click the Install button.


  11. Type your Mac’s admin account username and password.


  12. Your web browser should say “The enrollment process is complete”.


  13. Click the Close button.


  14. The self-service app should auto-open after you complete Step 13.


    • Note: If self-service doesn’t auto-open (or you want to install something later), you will need to go to the Applications folder and open self-service.


  15. Log in to the self-service app using your NSID and password.


  16. On the right hand side of the screen, under the Categories tab select the Adobe link.


  17. Select the Adobe Creative Suite application you want to install (i.e. Illustrator CC) and click the Install button.


  18. Click the Install button.


    • At the top of the self-service application you should now see a progress bar indicating downloading/installing information.


    • Once installed, the application’s option in self-service should change to uninstall.


  19. Go to your applications folder and open the Adobe Illustrator.


  20. Open the Adobe Illustrator app.


  21. Click the Sign in Now button.


  22. Type for Adobe ID then click the Sign In button.


  23. You will be re-directed to a U of S CAS login page.
  24. Type in your NSID and password and click the Sign In button.


    • Once you click Sign In you will be redirected back to the Adobe Creative Cloud portal.
  25. Click the Continue button.


Note: If you see the below Start Trial message, it means you have not acquired a valid license to use Adobe Creative Suite.

In order to use Adobe Creative Cloud on your University owned Equipment a license will have to have been assigned to you.  If you have not had a license assigned to you please contact the Adobe license allocation manager for your area in order to see if there is a license which can be assigned to you.  If you do not know who the manager for your area is please contact the ICT Service Desk ( ) and they will be able to tell you who the manager for your area is.


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