License Management Service

We provide a service based on the "FLEXnet Publisher" (formerly called "FLEXlm") license manager for licensed software. A license manager allocates computer software licenses amongst multiple end users. It can be configured to provide a "floating" license which is allocated dynamically on a first-come, first-served fashion, or to provide a license to a specific machine.

We use this license management service to enable sharing of a limited number of concurrent licenses. We use FLEXnet for software such as MATLAB, COMSOL, Mathematica and ArcGIS.

The existing license server can also be used to manage usage for other software titles. The software vendor must have elected to build the software to use the FLEXnet format. Licenses can be reserved for certain groups of users.

This is intended to save the university money by sharing the licenses and by having the software already available, and making it so users don’t have to arrange purchase and delivery. Typically the software must still be installed on your local computer which must connect to the network in order to “check out” a license.

The license manager also records usage so you can monitor how much usage the licenses see and know who is using it.


Contact Research Computing via email for details on having your licenses managed on ICT servers.

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