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The university has changed the Adobe Acrobat software that is provided on university-managed machines. All computers now have Adobe Acrobat Reader set as the default for viewing PDF documents.

Why is Adobe Acrobat Pro no longer offered on all devices?

Adobe is a high-cost software for the university to license. At one time, it made sense to purchase when Adobe was the most reliable software to support pdf formats on the market. Adobe no longer corners the market on pdf software and there are now a number of excellent free and low-cost alternatives that support pdf formats. 

What software is being provided for advanced PDF editing?

The university is offering advanced users access to Nuance Power PDF Advanced, a comparable product that can perform many of the same functions as Adobe Acrobat Pro. 

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Power PDF Advanced Quick Reference Guide
How to Use Nuance Power PDF Advanced -- Feature Videos

1. Creating PDFs from Word with Nuance Power PDF:

2. Document Conversion to Word with Nuance Power PDF:

3. Document Conversion to Excel with Nuance Power PDF:

4. Creating PDF Documents from Multiple Files with Nuance Power PDF:

5. Document Assembly with Nuance Power PDF:

6. Creating Forms in Nuance Power PDF:

7. Create a table of contents from any PDF file:

8. Power PDF and Electronic Signatures:

Tips, Tricks and Superpowers - Video Demos

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Nuance Power PDF Advanced vs Adobe Acrobat Pro Comparison Chart
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