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Origin Graphing Software

Origin is a visualisation program that produces graphs and plots intended for direct incorporation in research publications. This software is produced by OriginLab. Sample plots are shown on OriginLab's gallery.

There are a small number of licenses available on campus for Origin, the main product, and OriginPro, an advanced version with more features. The program to install Origin, and documentation on how to the install, are available on the network share at:


Note that Origin is only available for Windows computers. Macintosh users can use a virtual Windows environment to run the software.

As well as plotting data, Origin will do some data analysis - curve fitting, ANOVA, Fourier transforms, and peak analysis are examples.

Origin Training

OriginLab has tutorial videos on the software to get new users started. They also have a number of webinars that are supplemented with example files to illustrate specific topics and features.


The software supports both Origin and OriginPro features. By default, the Origin interface is selected. To enable the OriginPro features, start the program, click on "Help" in the menu bar and selct "About Origin". In the window that appears, click on "License..." and in the next screen select "OriginPro" by License. Click Update.


There is one error that has been identified. If you are getting the error  "Your FlexIm license file does not allow running this version of Origin" displayed when trying to run Origin, then your system time (or date) is wrong on your computer. Reset the date/time as required.

Contact Research Computing for more details or support on Origin.


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