How to Install Software on University-owned and Managed Windows Computers

A service called Software Center allows people to install/uninstall common, licensed applications on their university-owned and managed Windows computers, without needing administrator privileges.  

For more information on Software Center, or for assistance installing an application not available in Software Center, please contact the IT Support Service Desk.

Accessing Software Center

On your university-owned and managed Windows Computer, do one of the following:

  • Double click the Software Center shortcut on your desktop


  • Click the Windows Start button (in bottom left corner), type Software Center, and select it to open it:

open software center

  • Select Applications from the left side menu to see the list of applications made available to you:


  • To install an application, select that application from the list and click the Install button:


  • You will see the following notifications as the application installs:

installing uofs

installing started

NOTE: You may be prompted to close any open applications before installation can start.  If you are, save anything open first, then click Close applications.

  • Once installed, you will see another popup saying Installation completed:

installation completed popup

  • and the Install button will change to Uninstall:

install button now says uninstall

Uninstalling Software

  • To uninstall an application, select that application from the list and click the Uninstall button:

uninstall app button

NOTE: If you select an application to uninstall and the Uninstall button is grayed out, that means that application is a required one and you will not be able to uninstall it:

cant uninstall required applications

  • you will see the following notifications during the uninstall process:

uninstalling started

uninstalling started

  • Once the uninstall is completed you will see the following notification:

uninstalling completed

  • and the Uninstall button will change to Install:

uninstall button changes to install

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