Software Revision Control Service

This service provides a centrally located, backed up, software revision control service for developers. The service is intended for use by a research group at the instigation of the principal investigator.

The service uses the Apache Subversion (SVN) software. The service is provisioned on a virtual machine hosted within ICT Platforms’ VM farm. Backups are done nightly.

There is (normally) no direct cost for the service to the researchers. Only basic support on clients can be provided by Research Computing--it is expected that researchers using the service have familiarity with SVN tools and usage.

For enhanced security, there will be no direct logins permitted on the server. Access can be done through any of a number of client programs.

Recommended clients

Access will be controlled by Research Computing personnel and can be delegated to the researcher or their designate.

As principal investigator for a project, you must ensure that you have permission to store and modify the source code stored on the server. (This requirement is a restatement of the University’s Copyright and Computer Use policies.)


Contact Research Computing to ask about using the version control software.

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