Assessing the use of Cloud Software

What is cloud software?

The University of Saskatchewan considers cloud software to be applications that are not run on university assets. This means the application and its data is completely hosted by external vendors off-campus and users typically access it through a web browser or mobile app.  This type of software is commonly referred to by vendors as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Who can help me determine if cloud software is an option?

The university's Technology Assessment Team can help assess proposals for concerns related to risk, compliance, business continuity, and organizational fit. This team of experts can take you through the cloud software assessment process as part of the vendor selection. 

What is included in our cloud software assessment?

Each assessment may be tailored to fit depending on the type of technology or the specific use case for the technology. In general, the assessment will consider:

  • General business requirements
    • What problem are you solving?
    • Could an existing service meet this need?
    • Does this service depend on other U of S services?
  • Privacy
    • Who will use the system?
    • What personal or confidential information will be stored?
    • How will access to data be controlled?
    • How long do you require to retain the data?
    • How will the service provider respond to a data breach?
  • Business continuity
    • Will the service be available when we need it? 
    • Is data backup and recovery part of the core service offered by the service provider?
    • If the contract is terminated, how do we repatriate our data?
    • If a failure occurs, are there limits to what is recoverable?

To get started or learn more about how the Technology Assesment Team can help you, contact

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