IT Support Services - Support Policy

This service statement has been written for University of Saskatchewan Information and Communications Technology (ICT) IT Support Services. It sets forth the service that IT Support Services will deliver to its customers, and describes the processes that are used when a request for information or assistance is submitted.

IT Support Services Overview

We are a technical support team that provides prompt, knowledgeable, courteous computing support services over the phone, click-to-chat, in person, via email, via a tracking system and via fax to the university community.

Our aim is to resolve 70% of all requests for assistance on supported applications within 1 business day and a further 20% within 2 business days. If the request cannot be resolved at the Service Desk level 1 it will be escalated to level 2 or to another unit in ICT (level 3). If the problem or request concerns an unsupported system, hardware, software or service, staff will do their best, given call volumes, or suggest other avenues of support.

The following colleges have IT support information on their websites:

Customer Responsibilities

We offer support to any person with an NSID or visiting guests. When customers contact IT Support Services they should have their NSID and phone number available, be at the computer that they are requesting help with, have as much information as possible with regard to the request, and abide by all applicable University Computing policies.

In-Person Service

If you want to see a support analyst in person you can find them in Murray Learning Commons (MLC), Health Sciences Learning Commons (HSLC) and the Engineering Help Desk.

Have your NSID or UofS ID available upon arrival.  If, after 15 minutes, a customer’s problem cannot be resolved, the specialist will escalate the customer’s ticket within the organization, or provide the user with additional troubleshooting steps.


For self-help, customers are encouraged to access self-help guides which provides information on how to use ICT-provided services. 

Within the Scope of Service Desk Support

We provide support for a variety of ICT services.

Outside the Scope of Service Desk Support

The Service Desk is not able to support:

  • Hardware repairs
  • Local print sharing
  • System rebuilds
  • Personal/home networks
  • Replacing a customer’s printer consumables (paper, toner cartridges, etc.)
  • Local file sharing
  • Training or extensive instruction 

The Service Desk Process

Request Capture: Requests are gathered and verified the right to service based on the NSID or affiliation of the caller.

Trouble Tracking: A trouble ticket will be opened in Tracks with the customer’s name, NSID, phone number, affiliation, and problem description.

Problem Resolution: An IT Support Specialist will attempt to resolve all problems and requests for supported operating systems and applications. If call volume prohibits the specialist from spending any more time on the call, or the problem remains unsolved, the ticket will be escalated.

Escalate the Request, if necessary: The ticket will be updated and escalated to the second level within the Service Desk or to third level support outside of the Service Desk.

Log Resolution into Ticket: The Specialist who resolves the problem is responsible for appropriately updating the ticket with the action taken.

Ticket Closure: All Service Desk tickets will be closed when a resolution has been offered, with the status of the ticket set to “Resolved’. Tickets will be set to “Closed” through a 2 day auto-closure process that will generate emails upon status change and closure.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Tracks will randomly send customer surveys to gauge satisfaction with the ICT Service Desk. Based on survey results, customers may receive a follow-up call.

Ticket Tracking and Escalation

  • Tickets are filed for 100% of the requests for assistance (incidents) or services (service requests).
  • If the problem is not resolved on the initial contact, it is researched by a specialist (tier 2).
  • If a resolution is found, the specialist replies to the customer with the solution.
  • If a solution cannot be found, the ticket is escalated internally within ICT.
  • Tickets assigned to the Service Desk are automatically escalated according to the priority ratings.
  • Where solutions have been offered, tickets are set to “Resolved” and closed automatically after 2 days
  • Tickets that require more input from customers will be set to “Client Pending” and closed automatically after 5 days.
  • A notification email will be sent to the customer when the status is changed to “Resolved” requesting that they contact the Service Desk if further assistance is required.


Incident:  Any event which is not part of the standard operation of the service and which causes, or may cause, an interruption or a reduction of quality of the service.

Service Request:  A request for information, advice, or a standard change or access to an IT Service. For example, to reset a password or to provide standard IT Services for a new customer.


Feedback for the quality of service is requested via surveys that are initiated from Tracks tickets, or by sending an email to IT Support Services.

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