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Wireless - Set-up Guide Android 6.x

Configure U of S Wireless (uofs-secure)

1. Ensure you have already setup a passcode/word in “Settings” as that is required for importing certificates

2. Go to the Certificates for uofs-secure Network - Android page from your mobile device
certificate download page

3. Under “Certificates to Download” select the link “Equifax Secure Certificate Authority” which will prompt a download and install

android set-up instructions step 4

4. Enter the name of the certificate

5 Change the "Credential use:” to Wi-Fi, then hit OK

6. Repeat for the other certificate

7. Open your Settings app and select Wi-Fi

android set-up instructions step 5

9. Once in the Wi-Fi menu, select uofs-secure from the list.

a. Set “Phase 2 authentication” to “MSCHAPV2”
b. Set “CA certificate” to “Equifax Secure Certificate Authority” or “GeoTrust Global CA” (or whatever you called the certificates you saved)

Note: Certificates are not required but they are highly recommended due to security issues. If you would like to not use one, select Do not validate.
Note: If Equifax does not work for you, try using GeoTrust.

c. Enter USASK\NSID (i.e. USASK\abc123)
d. Select “Connect” or "Save"

android set-up instructions step 6

10. You will see that uofs-secure is “Connected” within a few moments assuming you are within good coverage range of an access point

android set-up instructions step 7

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