Using OMR for Student Course Evaluations

You can use Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology to process the results of your course and teaching evaluations, including SEEQ (Students’ Evaluation of Education Quality) evaluations.

(SEEQ (Students’ Evaluation of Education Quality) is the only course evaluation tool approved for use by University Council. All academic units are encouraged to adopt it as their course evaluation tool.)

To use OMR for your course or other evaluations, you will need to:

  1. Obtain OMR Evaluation Forms – SEEQ, General or Custom:
    Note: Your college or departments is responsible for purchasing these forms from Printing Services.
    • SEEQ Course Evaluation Forms
      You can purchase SEEQ forms online through the U of S Stationery order system.
    • General Evaluation Forms
      You can also use General Evaluation Forms (standard form #ICT OMR 0001).
      You can purchases these online through the U of S Stationery order system.
    • Custom Evaluation Forms
      If the above evaluation forms do not meet your needs, we can custom design optical scan forms to meet your specific course evaluation requirements. For more information see Custom OMR Form Design.
  2. Fill Out a Processing Request Form for Data
    Your college or department is responsible for downloading, printing and completing the:
  3. Bring Materials in for Processing
    Bring the following materials to the ICT Service Desk at 70 Arts Building during office hours:
    • The filled out OMR Processing Request Form for Data (PDF)
    • The course evaluation forms containing the student responses -- separated by batch header sheets if you are bringing in more than one set of responses.

    Your course evaluations -- excluding SEEQ evaluations -- will usually be processed within 24 to 48 hours. SEEQ evaluations will be processed after the last day for submitting final marks for the term in which the evaluations were completed.
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